Deliv. N°
TitleLeadTypeDisseminationDue Date
D1.1DOC and DTN determinations:

Measure DOC and DTN, interpret and compile results
D1.2Speciations and Efs from SML samples: measure, compile and interpret speciations and EFsCONICETReportPublic36
D1.3Successful participation at joint field campaigns F1, F2, F3: Participation at the science foci field campaigns with SML related studiesTROPOSReportPublic42
D1.4Successful participation at the joint lab campaign L3:

Participation at the L3 campaign with a focus on the SML
D2.1Quenching investigations :

Study triplet lifetimes of chosen potential photosensitizers and quenching rate  constants at IRCELYON
D2.2Quenching investigations :

Study triplet lifetimes of chosen potential photosensitizers and quenching rate constants at TROPOS
D2.3Radical reaction studies OH-, Cl/Cl2-, Br/Br2-:

Study reactions of relevance of these species at IRCELYON
D2.4Oxidant and photochemistry reaction studies O3, OH, complexes: Study oxidation reactions and photochemistry of interest in aqueous phase bulk experimentsTROPOSReportPublic18
D2.5Successful conduction of joint lab campaign L3:

Participate in the L3 joint lab campaign and use samples of the campaign in follow-up reactivity studies
D3.1Kinetic and mechanistic data (rate coefficients and products yields) and publicationsCNRSReportPublic48
D3.2Quantification of the relative importance of the chemical processes leading to the organic aerosol formationCNRSReportPublic48
D4.1Gas phase MS studies:

Training of exchange staff in gas phase MS instrumentation
D4.2Aerosol MS studies:

Contributions to the development of aerosol MS instruments
D4.3MS in field and Lab campaigns: Successful deployment of advanced MS instrumentation in the field and Lab campaignsIONICONReportPublic48
D5.1Lab and Field joint campaigns: Reports on the Chambers and Field Joint CampaignsCNRSReportPublic45
D5.2Ifrane set-up:

Reports on the set up and operation of the Ifrane site
D5.3Modelling results: First process modelling resultsTROPSReportPublic48
D6.1Publication, dissemination and outreach activitiesCNRSReportPublic48
D6.2Progress Report 1CNRSReportPublic12
D6.3Progress Report 2CNRSReportPublic36
D6.4Data Management PlanCNRSReportConfidential6