(Open to international experienced researchers)

 Research Field: Atmospheric Chemistry


The region Centre-Val de Loire Ambition for Research and Development 2020 (ARD 2020) PIVOTS (Environmental Technology Innovation, Development and Optimisation Platforms project) Programme is supported by LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies for the attraction and recruitment of international experienced researchers and scientific animation.
The PIVOTS Programme is a coordinated set of experimental and analytical platforms focused on environmental quality monitoring and sustainable management of natural resources (soil, subsurface, surface water, groundwater, sediment and air) within a context of global change.
Innovation in the area of the environment, ecotechnology, and ecoservices is a major challenge for sustainable development in today’s societies. Innovations may arise from an integrated approach based research involving academic and industrial experts together at all stages of the value chain, from fundamental research to validation of products and services. The goal of the PIVOTS is to accomplish this integration and to promote the emergence of an economic stream in the area of environmental metrology, remediation processes and associated services. PIVOTS is targeting researchers who embody, in their profile, the three key words that drive the research values of LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies: Curiosity, Imagination and Intuition.
The successful candidate will benefit from the scientific environment of the region, will be part of an outward looking and stimulating pluri-disciplinary scientific and international cultural environment and will work under the leadership of the Atmospheric Reactivity Group at ICARE- CNRS, in Orleans, France.

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