MARSU Main Issues

The five work packages, bringing together partners from different institutions and backgrounds. This is a clear and efficient guarantee of cross linking and interdisciplinary approaches, proving a real added value for all exchanged staff involved in MARSU.


Work package NoWork package titleType of activityLead Beneficiary short name
1The surface microlayer composition and its relevance to the troposphereResearchTROPOS
2Laboratory studies on aqueous chemical conversion processes of reactive species relevant for air/sea and pollution interactionsResearchCNRS-IRCELYON
3Characterization of primary and secondary organic components in marine aerosol and its mix with anthropogenic pollutionResearchCNRS-ICARE
4Analytical developmentsResearchIONICON
5Field experiments and modellingResearchFDU
S1Chemistry in the marine boundary layerDisseminationCNRS-IRCELYON
S2Instrumentation in environmental sciences DisseminationICARE
W2Final conferenceCommunicationICARE
F1Cape Verde aerosol and marine multiphase chemistry characterisationResearchINMG
F2Qingdao aerosol and marine multiphase chemistry characterisationResearchSDU
F3Ifrane aerosol and marine multiphase chemistry characterisationResearchUM5
L1Joint chamber campaign at ICARE OrleansResearchICARE
L2Joint chamber campaign at TROPOS LeipzigResearchTROPOS
L3Joint chamber campaign at IRCELYON LyonResearchIRCELYON
OA1Participation of MARSU members at external scientific meetingsDisseminationALL
OA2Scientific meetingsDisseminationALL
OA3Internet-based presentation of MARSUDisseminationALL